Small Personal Injury Firms and Accident Cases: A Match Made in Legal Heaven

That is exactly why choosing an injury lawyer from a small firm is a great choice. A small firm focuses on individual attention and attaining the highest settlement result possible for each client. Many times large firms do not offer the same type of personal attention as large ones. Consider the classic argument of mass production versus a small craftsman. Would you rather eat mass-produced cake or a lovingly crafted desert from your neighborhood bakery? In this analogy, the small firm is the neighborhood bakery. Both are more likely to be family-owned by people who grew up in the area. They will know your town and know the people who live there. Also, they understand that their competitive edge is in the details, in treating every pie (case) and every customer (client) individually. The cake from the factory bakery will be made by a machine and might be sold to you by someone who doesn’t know the difference between baking soda and flour. The mass production bakery’s competitive edge is that its products cost less, and that is where this analogy ends.

Choosing a huge factory firm to represent you will not cost less. Most personal injury firms have a “we don’t get paid unless you get paid” policy. So, any firm to which you take your case will keep between thirty and fifty percent of the settlement they win for you. One would think that what is essentially a commission system would be an incentive for each injury lawyer to seek the highest possible settlement for every client. In a small firm, it is. In a large law firm, this is often not the case as many of them seek a quick and low settlement because they rely on a volume of clients to make their money. If they close ten cases for $10,000 settlements each in a month, they are not taking a chance on one client who may or may not obtain a $100,000 settlement.

These huge, unwieldy firms prefer cash in hand to spending the time it takes to consider all the information pertinent to a claim and to calculate intangible damages. When you choose a small firm, your injury lawyer will often have fewer cases. This means he will have more time for you and more time to investigate your case to make sure all the relevant details are brought forward to maximize your settlement. The more time a lawyer can spend on your claim, the better it is for you. Furthermore, in a small firm, the lawyers usually practice in a highly specialized field of law, like personal injury, and sometimes in only one field of practice like tractor trailer accidents or car crashes. Legislation pertaining to damages in a personal injury case is constantly shifting, and to have the most satisfactory experience, what you really need is an experienced personal injury lawyer. One who is not only well-versed in personal injury law, but intimate with the details of your personal case.

In sum, using a behemoth law firm for your personal injury case is often a poor choice because your case will be a small fish in a large pond. You may not receive personalized attention, and you may not even know exactly which attorney in the firm is primary on your case. In a personal injury case, the minute details are the key to increasing your injury settlement to making sure that you are compensated in exactly the manner your injuries require. A car accident attorney in a small firm will usually focus on the details. You will know who your lawyer is, and you will have a personal number to reach him anytime. In the end, getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence is a traumatic experience. When you have to seek justice using the legal system, an injury lawyer who treats you like a person, not a file number, is what you want.